2021 - Infinite Recharge at Home
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were no in-person competitions. Instead, each team completed the challenge at home.
However, we were one of few teams that were able to build a new robot during the pandemic. This robot had the ability to shoot dodgeball or "power-cells". The at home competitions consisted of driving obstable courses and shooting challenges. Apart from the at home challenges, in June 2021, we competed at an unofficial competition in Manitowac, WI. At the competition we placed second at made it to the finals.
2020 - Infinite Recharge
*Lake Superior Regional - Dean's List Finalist: Alex Scheibe
This years robot had the ability to extend up and climb (or pull itself up) the generator switch. At the regional competiton, the robot received the most climbing points out of all the other teams.
2019 - Deep Space
Competed at Lake Superior Regional
This year's robot specialized in placing "hatches" on the game field. At the regional competition, we scored the most points in the hatch placing category.
2018 - Power Up
Competed at Lake Superior Regional
This year's robot had the function of picking up blocks called "Power Cubes". In matches, the robot would move the power cubes around as well as play defense.
2017 - Steamworks
*Won Rookie All-Star Award which qualified team for the World Competition in St. Louis Missouri.
The main feature of the robot was the rope climbling system. In our first year at the regional competition, we placed 21st out of 63 teams and made to the the semi-finals.